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Audiophony C 30

All user reviews for the Audiophony C 30

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  • flo the killerflo the killer

    Audiophony C 30Published on 08/30/06 at 10:40
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    Trs good product I used the 2 years. I love the level of acute impressive precision without wisley.Par against harm to some serious grizille kan you climb the flight, nothing serious sufit to lower the bass and get carried away by acute beautiful. This is an exellent qualitprix report. Exellent for small budget.
  • soln56soln56

    Audiophony C 30Published on 09/24/08 at 12:51
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    I like my 5 rating because apart the body (which class) the sound is awful (except for acute)
    I tried the 3870 and put the bst c near 30.
    bst for the amp 2 x 500 rms and for c 30 amp 600 RMS 2x the result is astounding the bst more slams, the sound is more props and more means c 30, c30 crack (boom).
    100euros for less I took the bst (just for the sound quality)
  • oursinouoursinou

    to see before you buy

    Audiophony C 30Published on 06/19/10 at 23:08
    (This content has been automatically translated from French)
    I buy 2 c 30 3 years ago when I say little matter of finishing it is well finished his question that remains a bit weak if you love highs you go to be served! power no koi this type in the ass on the floor!
    Woe to those who love the bass can quickly have a poor sound!