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RCF Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • RCF MR8

    RCF MR8 - "can get loud"


    I have seen the RCF Monitor 8 used in so many different situations, so I was questioning if it would work for me at home. Well lets just say this speaker is extremely loud, there is no way that I can do my mixes on it at loud volumes at home because …

  • RCF MR8

    RCF MR8 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by ainhoa/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Bought secondhand to a guy who didn't know what it was worth! (Although I must admit that I didn't know either!) I can't list the features but I give it a 10 (see last statement). For …

Translated user reviews
  • RCF ART 725

    RCF ART 725 - " To hear!"


    I use them since March 2012. Before these I owned the home Vibe30 Vibe15 and JB. Their advantages are: their light weight (compared to vibes), their power! The only disadvantage I've seen so far is that the treble, when used alone, are too fr…

  • RCF EVENT 6000

    RCF EVENT 6000 - " very good column powerful and robust"


    I use it for 2 years and still nothings wrong has very good speakers with good quality of acute and mediums that more accurate and powerful! 38 gives the very real and is a sound I like bcp round and clear! everything is a dream which provider has …

  • RCF EVENT 6000

    RCF EVENT 6000 - " The sound that fishing"


    I use it for 6 months and am completely satisfied with the power. Very good material a bit bulky and heavy enough …

  • RCF EVENT 6000

    RCF EVENT 6000 - " great stuff"


    j uses a pair of column rfc 6000 event 4 years super traveled No matter what condition the only weak point is the weight but it is nothing without …

  • RCF Espace 400

    RCF Espace 400 - DJ du 33's review


    For how long have you been using it? About 2 months. A very good time and not too expensive for the product. Did you try many other models before getting this one? Yes, I used two 152 of fiesta in AudioPhony (not expensive to begin with), I us…

  • RCF Process Control CP512

    RCF Process Control CP512 - lilibert's review


    Good speakers that I use for several years without problems with the processor. Caractristiques: 700w RMS LF rpart 250w 450w HF 102db/1m. Well made and power matching the mark. Too bad that we find little opportunity, and they are a bit CHRISTIAN…

  • RCF Espace 400

    RCF Espace 400 - jayce51's review


    Excellent material a value of around 900 euros each is one of the few broad-band PA speakers with passive crossovers 3vois recess. Addition of an amp the sound quality is very clean and very clear. Its only drawback is its size despite a relati…

  • RCF EVENT 3000

    RCF EVENT 3000 - insomnight prod's review


    I do not but the User's planned purchase! + particularity: the very big sound at all levels, quality RCF! particularity - the weight but when neighboring power is not a dtail that angry! I saw a fonctionment HKaudio projectror, ​​a JBL mrx500…