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RCF Full-Range PA Speaker Cabinets user reviews

  • RCF C 5215

    RCF C 5215 - samurai's review


    1 year ca beats down and the sound is c prope top + game in not too heavy to wear yes j I try another product and is nothing to do when paying it was the road which take Mathos I would do this choice super happy happy rcf my turn with four …

  • RCF EVENT 6000

    RCF EVENT 6000 - ced23's review


    I used a pair for 5-6 years .. to beginners only, made beautiful when they are spaces / guidance. Then + system with full ... superb low, medium acute OK .... rugged ..... The best full-range speakers for me …

  • RCF MR8

    RCF MR8 - ainhoa's review


    I use them as part of my job for 4 years. 20 years ago that I am in Animation (Animation all!) And what I most prfre without hsiter is the purity of the sound they produce. The report qualitprix is ​​normal. And this choice I would do without w…

  • RCF MR8

    RCF MR8 - Anonyme's review


    Speaker installation. 2 Channels: 8 "(21 cm Lower) + Tweeter 25 mm Power: 300 W BP: 50 to 23 kHz + - 2 dB Sensitivity: 93 Db Impedance: 8 Ohms Filter crossover frequency: 1.8 kHz Low = 12 dB / oct High = 18 dB / oct Directional tweeter…

  • RCF Espace 600

    RCF Espace 600 - scott31's review


    I, unwanted for 5 months the bass is a hefty medium well be present p-bolt a little too sharp bolt a bit short I heard all kinds of speakers, there are better, certainly, but also much worse! good product affordable not disappointed with this…

  • RCF Espace 600

    RCF Espace 600 - séb08's review


    I've used for 10 years prs It sounds good though it breaks no low not too heavy 55 kg I sold the pair 900 euro but until 1000 if they own me seems correct for small and medium-sized rooms 150 people or small collection outdoor sional The se…

  • RCF EVENT 1000

    RCF EVENT 1000 - oboulo's review


    User for 4 years on the front. Event 1000 is a balanced and dynamic speaker. 1 inch compression is accurate to 31 cm s' rather well in the bass. association with a sub is more effective. The price / quality ratio was good at the time and is a good de…

  • RCF EVENT 4000

    RCF EVENT 4000 - Dan.2000's review


    RCF damage that is done by mackie buy, because their speakers are the best! I play in an orchestra grd for several years, and I have OCASI to use them, because now it involves a company has sound and light for us rammenne 500 000 en de Matos tt ni…