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Behringer Fuzz pedals user reviews

  • Behringer Vintage Distorsion VD1

    Behringer Vintage Distorsion VD1 - " Uh ... not bad actually!"


    So, I put my threat into execution, after buying vt911 I took vd1 curiosity. This is not the same product without the tube! True bypass, no battery or power supply on its past, but its passage suffers especially in the treble. Three knobs, simple…

  • Behringer Super Fuzz SF300

    Behringer Super Fuzz SF300 - papalolo79's review


    SUPER FUZZ SF300 This effects pedal for guitar is ideal to recreate all the famous fuzz tones of the 60s and 70s. 1. CONTROLS AND CONNECTIONS Top view The LEVEL control adjusts the output level. Turn the TREBLE control to boost or attenu…

  • Behringer Vintage Distorsion VD1

    Behringer Vintage Distorsion VD1 - gentillom's review


    Analog distortion pedal imitation of electro harmonix Big Muff. Brushed aluminum casing. UTILIZATION Yes it easy to operate RULES volume, a more or less severe and the level of distortion. What then here. Just turn the knobs that appear in a vacu…

  • Behringer Ultra Fuzz UZ400

    Behringer Ultra Fuzz UZ400 - cortmgm's review


    Fuzz, analog pedal (?) 3 knobs: level, gain, tone USE Like all behringer pedals, it's cheap and fragile to you to be careful with your belongings and there will not be worries SOUND QUALITY Tested with a Strat on a Peavey Classic 30 …

  • Behringer Vintage Distorsion VD1

    Behringer Vintage Distorsion VD1 - scarabeo's review


    Aluminum strong enough case, a copy of the Russian Big Muff (less than amricaine Russia). In / Out (we suspected it!) 3 knobs, gain, tone and sustain Switch that seems reliable, convenient battery location (compared to other Boss pedals type of…