Behringer Vintage Distorsion VD1
Behringer Vintage Distorsion VD1
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SlapKid 12/17/2012

Behringer Vintage Distorsion VD1 : SlapKid's user review

«  Uh ... not bad actually! »

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So, I put my threat into execution, after buying vt911 I took vd1 curiosity. This is not the same product without the tube!
True bypass, no battery or power supply on its past, but its passage suffers especially in the treble.
Three knobs, simple operation, the jacks are screwed onto the case, I supplied with very complicated harley junior carefree buzz or anything.
The blue light is enough to light a room at night, terrible!


The effectiveness of the setting makes the machine very easy to use.
The tone opens his well, and cut without too much treble begin the rest.
The volume goes, but is very measurable, it can be considered as a booster I guess.
The gain is more progressive than the 911 and above can be used as adonf does not bring too much noise (provided that it connects a guitar, not a crate sounds like my late baja telecaster).
Knobs turn out well, firm but smooth, and does not disrupt a yes or a no, when you carry a nice mess.


There is particular in the sense that like her sister the 911 it sounds good on my class A, it is also reche and frankly ugly.
The Class A (celestion tube 10 trio) it is very nice to play as hot and fairly accurate, with a Dantesque sustain without noise nuisance.
I mostly used with a strat and sg, the guitars quite thin and therefore direct.

It's not all bad, but not flexible.


Like her sister used the amp is absolutely crucial, a transistor or a class AB did not come out with this type of diagram. A class A (h5 kustom defender or vox ac 15 (but greenback)) reacts magnificently against, yet alchemy finds more than it explains.
Then a distortion of time? Never tried muff or anything so ... prehistoric

Price or it is killer, and the spacious housing allows a second switch and jack to control channel amp for example, if you are handy smurf.