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Genelec SAM user reviews

  • Genelec 8260A

    Genelec 8260A - "Gen 8260 for HIFI use" has images


    Coaxial mid /high driver(s),aluminium enclosure, DSP correction, very low distorsion levels, no need for a subwoofer. I Use them for my pleasure only, they replace a quite expensive HIFI system. SOUNDS As for the stereo imaging they are excellen…

  • Genelec 8260A

    Genelec 8260A - " Genelec 8260 for Domestic use HIFI"


    Speaker midrange / treble coaxial cabinet aluminum anti resonant electronic correction of the frequency response, low distortion, no need for a subwoofer. I bought them for my own use, to replace a high-end system HIFI SOUNDS The stereo image …

  • Genelec 8240A

    Genelec 8240A - ElMute's review


    I have had a set consisting of 2 x 8240A with the 7260 sub that goes with it. My room is treated at medium acute but not for bass. which gives me an answer in the bass frequencies extremely inconsistent. (Humpback 30Hz, 50Hz and 80Hz …