Genelec 8260A
Genelec 8260A

8260A, Active Monitor from Genelec in the SAM series.

udayan32 08/06/2013

Genelec 8260A : udayan32's user review

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Speaker midrange / treble coaxial cabinet aluminum anti resonant electronic correction of the frequency response, low distortion, no need for a subwoofer.

I bought them for my own use, to replace a high-end system HIFI


The stereo image is excellent both in width and depth with a very precise positioning of instruments.

The sound is very clear from the very low to high, with very fair stamps. I discovered fireworks mix on hard I thought yet know well (Consider more that I'm not a sound engineer but a simple listener reasonably led)

Conversely, when the recording is bad speaker let you know unceremoniously!


It's been two months since I use.
Accuracy, real 3D stereo, the extent of the response curve to do without a subwoofer and the relative compactness are outstanding qualities of this picture pregnant. The ability to adapt to local from further refinement product excellence.

Relatively to the pleasure they provide when the recording is good, bad records are frustrating. This is not because they are doing less well than other speakers on the bad records, but because the gap with good records is much larger.

Previously I listened mainly products HIFI, but also "voice of the theater" tri active amplification and a5/PSI Studer A 25 M

These are expensive speakers in absolute terms, but if you compare their prices to what it would cost in HIFI elements to approach without reaching their reproduction quality, they are almost Data!