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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 9 reviews )
 6 reviews67 %
 1 user review11 %
 1 user review11 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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lucasd'airy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A pearl Teutonic" Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]
Install 'immediate consumption or almost zero
Configue scheduled for small systems, no problem here.
No incompatibilities once properly adjusted.
NOn: manual well enough.


Small computer ', with adequate KRISTAL

Very acceptable mixing performance, although the house plugins are really means in terms of handling it all depends what you ask.

Stable but not absolutely unflappable, once the track count up ...


Using January 2011
Yes: Mackie mixer (consubstantially related to the physical interface)
Logic (electro oriented too), PT, Cubase course

Preferred feature: Immediacy
The least popular feature: no development

1. A decision: nickel
2. Say that the editing tools are limited, but it is possible to do a decent job in terms of editing.
3. For the mix itself, I'd be more reserved.

jcroset's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]
Very easy to use.

Trs works well with the ASIO4ALL driver (see website of the same name) on a single laptop sound card (removes the latency monitoring).

Relatively easy setup

English manual only online but clear enough as long as English is not a problem.


HP nc6000 Laptop 512Mb RAM, CPU ... with WinXP SP2
Intgre sound card (and therefore the bare minimum)
Perf. OK.
Systm trs stable


Used for 15d.

I like everything ... except the possibility of rgler gain per channel of absent
and except for the external WAV editor, but hey, the more time passes, the more I wonder if it really ncessaire ...

Before Test Audacity => simpler, but larger problem of latency recording.

Report qualitprix: no more ...

For now, the pair of trs SATIF Krystal Audio + ASIO4ALL.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]
Installation very simple.
No incompatibility.
The configuration is a simplicity gnrale any evidence, if one has dj's hands on a multitrack recording or a system that, numrique or not.
The manual? There is none, and the menus are clear, simple and easy to ACCS.


Athlon 1.6 Ghz, 512 RAM, ASUS motherboard, 40 +40 GB hard drive, Sound Card Audigy LS.
Always those pesky problem of latency that rglent self-same when I recorded without worrying about the level of effect and without sticking to the slopes. I just had a noticeable lag in recording the bass track 4. I prcise I record only instruments, not noon.
The performances are good, the quality effects (reverb, compression, delay, chorus) is thundering ... especially since we can assign two per track. I believe that a cpu takes time, and that increases the latency of consquent reproduction.
The prog is stable and does not crash, compared to Cubase LE, APRS installing ASIO4ALL has generously plant.


I have been using ... yesterday!
What I like is the ease and simplicity of CASC registration.
So I tried Cubase LE, that plant, I test a couple of trackers, but I do not map to the system. L I find a multi-core and feel like a Tascam the fingers ...
The quality-price ratio? It is simple, as Kristal is free ... a small bomb!
With exprience, I would resume immediately Kristal, no doubt.

Finally, I will soon try to correct the cbler between sound card and pass on my old Fostex X-260 part mixer (recording until death) to balance the better pure mani and re stro! (I did a test mono)

tofe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]
No problem, think before Asio4All install if you have a basic sound card, it allows rduire latency reasonable values.


Test 3 Configs (with an old laptop with 190 Cléron 500 MB of RAM, even if just a little!). The software does not crash, there is an indicator of resources, which shows the resources used by the number of tracks and the number of Vst utiliss. Sets the latency is from the config menu, if one has Asio4All install before, if one goes down too low, it cracks!
On a Duron 1300 with 256 RAM no pb, for cons I've never used more than 4 tracks, so I do not know what happens with the 16 tracks, you can add Vst Freeware (2 max per track) .
is easy to use is quick, see link to the tutorial a little lower.


I use it for 6 months is an excellent solution for those who want to be an ide of Mao, without investing a lot (basic sound card Krystal + + + asio4all various Vst Free). Too bad we can not import mp3 (you can use Audacity to convert mp3 to wav tracks).
Here is a link to a tutorial rather well done:

While this has probably nothing to do with Cubase & co, but it allows the musician lover register on several tracks and make a nice piece without using software crack.
I think Magix Studio 2005 to evolve quite rapidly (40 euro, shipping included in street trade!), For more functionality and MIDI.

Neolander's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]
Simple installation and no probs. I have not found any incompatibility config is a bit twisted but namoins fast and man, there is no need but anamoins online help in html short but complte. This is not a software namoins IDAL for beginners because some functions are hidden


2GHz, with Nforce 2 motherboard, 256 RAM (and this is just trs), 60 GB and not a pro sound card, the Hercules Gamesurround Muse 5.1 DVD. The software it runs almost perfectly, the lack of ram slowing normment when using a large number of tracks with effects. This software seems to support ASIO, but I could not test. Latency by recording a single track without monitoring trs is low (but I think it would slow down if the card). Attention posseseurs of antiquity: the 44 kHz/16 bit recording mode is the minimum accepted by the software. I sometimes get error messages when loading a file that does not occur when I load with load-file in the program but when I run the program with the file. It's just stuff to scare also because everything works namoins. We will be indulgent, all APRS is a freeware program with a dozen types so ... Otherwise it is perfectly stable with my sound card. I use Audacity, and even if it is not my BMD cubase (I bypasses one of the limitations, the prohibition of recording, using "Stereo mix" but should not chuut Steinberg say otherwise will invent a way to avoid a. ..)


I use it for a little over a year. I like the interface cubase, it is convenient to find his back (think of using the right mouse button), but his hand scare messages (and non-copatibilit with some VST and VSTi which should be corrected in the next version)), I find many trs. I also have my good old dmo of cubase (but chuuuuut!) But hey it's not the BMD is a good freeware trs. The report qualitprix is ​​excellent, as with all freeware:-P. I would do without this choice problem!

Psyclik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]
Installation very classic, fast and simple. I like.
No incompatibiltée noted, everything went well with my SBLive and my Tascam US-122 and any VST I use has been problematic.
Just small problem, the setup lacks some clarity, that said it can be done quickly and not penalizing the medium term.
To the manual when it is in English but there is this very clear and complete.


On my machine, namely Xp1800 DDR2700 + 512 + Tascam Us122 XP2500 + and + 256 m + DDR3100 ChipVia ac97, no problem, everything passes nickel.
This app is a small bomb in the multi-track recording fast and light, which supports more importantly the VST and monitoring.
E is all he can do, but it is divinely!


I use it for almost 6 months and I keep it! It is excellent for recording, fast, light, and very well recognized, why change? Only one regret, it can be used alone because of the lack of possiblitées Midi, limited to 2 per track vst and a number of advanced features.
Its author seems to always work on the project, I expect this really soft in the future.

pikatchou58's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]
Impec I recommend it to all, finally a functional program without chi chi
some manipulation for beginners but it goes fast
the manual is in English but very clear


Useful to ASIO4ALL, no latency (inaudible)
performences impéquables
I have the old card audidgy pro but it makes good


I use it every day
bin price as it is free it's worth
a choice I do it again without problèmr

Fluch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]
Trs simple.
After quarter of an hour we toured the office!
Is the minimum and this is more than enough!
The new version accepts trs well SIR!


Trs works well with a Game Theater + ASIO4ALL!
(But better with an ESI WT192L!)


Excellent audio squenceur for models quickly, without decision-head.
Ffective and simple! and free + ...
Even if I do not use it for Manir pro, I will still take the same license to spin some dosh to developers, he MRIT much!
Kristal + Audacity + gratos few plugs (Type CRS kjaerhusaudio, DigitalFishPhones, ...)= mainly to record audio projects and make music.
INTERESTED that incomparably + Quartz Audio (no VST!)
Strongly with some version of MIDI.
In short, for me, almost indispensable for those who have ides (music) and can not afford to invest in expensive programs +.

fry_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French) Kristal Audio Engine [Freeware]
Simple installation, anything.
When you start, you must dip the prinicpe of multi-window (mixer, track, controller) and know them again if they are closed in error, ca parrait stupid, but it is not empty at beginners


My PC: Intel P4 2 GHz, 256 MB RAM is a portable (and yes, I smiled as the hand)
It must not be sufficient, as when playing a track to record another, there is a dcalage about 2 seconds. CA may OPG, but boring, we must find a system of clap.


I use it for a few weeks, but I confess that if I could change it, I Generais not. But Alas, I can not offer me a way to pay software suite ...

Its main asset is its free.