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General Sequencers user reviews

  • Avid Pro Tools First

    Avid Pro Tools First - "Free Pro Tools | First vs Studio One 3 Prime "


    I have been looking at the 'free' versions of leading DAW lately. I owned a PT 11 and have been working in it for my video production requirement though I am only a 'self learned engineer'. However, I could produce outstanding sound track part with t…

  • Ableton Live 6 LE

    Ableton Live 6 LE - "The workstation is user-friendly."


    This digital audio workstation came as a package when I bought Delta 1010LT interface. It is a limited edition but it was fine for somebody who has just started. The only problem was a latency when I started using outboard gear because latency adjust…

  • PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional

    PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional - "Overall, a very good sequencer"


    The third episode gets closer to perfection. I used to have Studio One version 1 but soon got rid of it due to its audio engine which was not CPU-friendly enough to my taste, and this version 3 is a real change! For those used to another DAW, a litt…

  • Cakewalk Sonar Platinum

    Cakewalk Sonar Platinum - "A good DAW which comes with a lot of plugins."


    What configuration (interface, computer, etc) do you use with this DAW? iMac 27" from 2009 with 4 GB of Ram, a 1TB internal hard drive + 1 TB external hard drive, with Windows Seven installed in dual boot. For what kind of use or music? Comp…

  • PropellerHead Reason 8

    PropellerHead Reason 8 - "Reason 8"


    I use Reason 8.3 64 bit with a Focusrite Saffire6 usb Audio/midi interface. My PC is quite old now,pentium dual core 2.4ghz with 8gb ram,Reason seemss less cpu intensive than most other daws i have used. Sound quality can sometimes appeara bit thin…

  • Avid Pro Tools 12

    Avid Pro Tools 12 - "Pro tools 12 : an outrage"


    Avid resolutely keep with their delirious policy with Pro Tools 12 as a permanent internet connection of the workstation is now mandatory, which is only a thinly disguised way to spy even more on users. As a reminder, this update is out while version…

  • Apple Logic Pro X

    Apple Logic Pro X - "Logic Pro X Review by C-Los"


    Everyone says that Pro Tools is the industry standard. But for me as a primarily hip-hop producer, Logic is the logical solution. With this DAW you will be able to record, mix, master, create using MIDI, or even edit and sync video to music. You have…

  • Ableton Live 9 Intro

    Ableton Live 9 Intro - "Live 9 Magic on a Beginners' Scale"


    Ableton Live 9 Intro edition offers the famed Ableton session view and Simpler, Drum/Instrument/Effect Rack, and Impulse tools without the mass of further instruments and sounds, appealing to the VST aficionado as well as one hesitant to spend over $…

  • PropellerHead Reason 7

    PropellerHead Reason 7 - "Reason 7 review"


    Reason 7 is the latest installment of the popular music making software that has been developed by the Swedish company known as propellerhead. This sequencing software has gained in popularity over the years thanks to its simulation of a real hardwar…

  • Ableton Live 9 Suite

    Ableton Live 9 Suite - "The Standard DAW For Electronic Music"


    Among all the digital audio workstations (DAWs) that I have tried in my long years of exploring music technology, only one of them has proven useful for live performance and improvisation: the aptly named Ableton Live. Many musicians, composers, and…