Raw Material Tracktion
Raw Material Tracktion

Tracktion, General Sequencer from Raw Material.

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All user reviews for the Raw Material Tracktion

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 11 reviews )
 7 reviews64 %
 2 reviews18 %
 1 user review9 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money : Excellent

zeetoon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Ideal for Audio, less for lunch"

Raw Material Tracktion
Trs simple setup, as used with Windows XP. By safeguarding against paramtres configuration does not work with Seven. I do not like it, I'm back on XP with no regrets ...
There's really no need for manual!


CPU: Quad Core QX 6700 EE 2.66 GHz,
ASUS P5K motherboard PL/1600,
4 GB of Ram,
Crucial SSD C 300,
WD hard drive audio / video.
Sound Card Echo Mia Midi & DX Edirol M16.
Tracktion version 3.04
RULES latency is at least 10 ms: no dcrochement or "noise" untimely, stability copy.


Used for many years, having started with version 1.6, that Mackie had about a time "Free".
I tried everything that exists, the only other software I could adopt is Energy XT, always for the same reasons of simplicity and immdiatet.
I love the interface, it allows immdiatet, stability and more it is not expensive. Everything is tudi to go fast.
What I like least is the "editor noon interface too small.

vincislex's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Raw Material Tracktion
Before we begin, I downloaded the demo: Version

I am looking for a good price software super intuitive to make music ... and not a huge expensive software to make computers applied to music.

I think with 2 Traktion approaching happiness.

- The installation is done it without problems? - Have you experienced any incompatibilities?

No worries

- The general configuration is easy?

No stress ... except that it is necessary to "quibble" with the ASIO driver of the sound card to be perfectly aligned with the software.

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ... Perfectly clear and entirely in French (well translated) as the software for that matter. A more significant. I am an amateur musician ... and if I like computers, I also never ask me a question once I am dedicated to my hobby


What is the configuration of your computer? (Motherboard / CPU / Ram / Disk / sound card ..)
P4 2.6Ghz / 512 MB Ram / 80Gb HDD / Hercules Aureon 5.1

No problems of incompatibility and / or ralentissments far with the software


- How long have you use it?
One week
- What is so special that you like most and least?
The ingenuity of its graphical interface. It's simple and intuitive. Windows 36 not more or less well done. Each function is discussed, calibrated for use with a mouse, keyboard and screen. This is not an interface that "mimics" the analog equipment with varying degrees of brilliance ... but an interface that uses the pixel2 near the surface of the screen. EXAMPLE: The control that includes both the volume and panning of a track (on the vertical axis of the mouse-wheel-volume. On the horizontal axis - Shift + Wheel - pan) Clicking this control displays in the "properties" the parameter that can be quantified precisely capture. WAW! In Cubase or Cakewalk'll have to play with several panels to open or close (or ask your banker a second screen 21pouce)
- Have you tried many other models before buying it?

Yes! Cakewalk, Logic Audio, Cubase! Cakewalk I like well enough as relatively intuitive and calibrated for the musician. Cubase .. Pfffffffffff! Too complex for me ... Jamma I managed to adjust the latency (close to 1 sec!) With Cubase SX ... so there is a menu setting and everything ...

- How would you rate the quality / price?

Excellent! I'm not an expert in sequencer. But for those who want to make music without taking the lead ... I have not seen as better software. A piece of M. .. with an excellent ... it will always be a piece of M. .. While a beautiful song with a mediocre sound can always be improved ...

computer music I started with an old PC and an ultra-simple software MIDI only. Ok, I could not do anything with it ... but once I had an idea. HOP I recorded the stuff in a file as light as a email.

Now, with the ability to mix audio and MIDI, well it opens interesting new perspectives.

I still have to try syncing from my digital recorder BR-532 (only four tracks and little opportunity for mixing and editing once "in the box ")... which I use as a "recording station." Then I import the files to. Traktion 2 WAV ... I will do my little mix before the "cut" in MP3 for the email to my friends musicos

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...

I will very soon buy the license ... and talk about me ...

Try! Forget the "old" analog interfaces (one button - one function) and their translations for virtual dive into a real revolution in the economy of windows, pop-ups and other endless menus.

For comparison: the interfaces of other software that copies + / - a real system. It's like in Word, we had a nice drawing of a handle to a new line of buttons and an image of an old typewriter that come alive when you write via the keyboard.

With Traktion is a step toward a new era between man and machine. Try ... unpeu is confusing ... but so much more sense.

JoneSmice's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Raw Material Tracktion
Installation is no problem: Next> NEXT> NEXT> NEXT> NEXT> OK

No incompatibility!

Gnrale configuration is very simple.

The manual? I did not open! (Y 'has no need ...)


Computer configuration daemon "studio" (configuration and ddi music):
- Asus P4P800 Deluxe
- Intel P4 2.4 GHz
- 768 MB RAM
- Maxtor Diamond 9 (OS + applications) + Seagate Barracuda 80GB (magnto)
- Interface Mackie Onyx audionumrique FW (1640)

The software runs nickel ... On my other less powerful computer (AMD 2.4 + 768 MB + 40GB), it also runs without any problem: I have never seen the software crash (the "automatic crash" was apparently deleted t! )

Performance: it uses my CPU until the marrow and do not gchis!

Everything is stable ...


I use it since it came out (V1)

- Simplicity
- The ct friendly

I do not like:
- It is far from being "pro", we can not do things "shoots" with!
- No auxiliary in version 1 (y 'has the two, but I find them inconvenient)

My opinion: it is the ideal software for musicians who want to not take the head ... It is ultra-simple and intuitive! IDAL a notepad.
on the other hand, it's not pushed trs there are plenty of things qu'n can not do (not at all suited to people of sound for the same price prfreront Magix Music Studio)

I wanted to remove me but my bitch banned because it uses it (learning in 5 minutes and never touch a squenceur of his life!)

I tried all squenceurs the march.

Personally I shall never have bought it because I prfre MMS2005 (for my use) but we gave it to me and my pleasure CHRIE ...

To note, I know too ... Difficult to judge!
- For a musician who does not love the recording, which does not take the head and who just wants a convenient way to work every day: 10 (that's clear!)
- For someone who is of sound ct music, even when it is quickly rev limit 4
So the mean is - say 7!

sylvainhibou's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Raw Material Tracktion
The installation poses no problem. No major incompatibility report, but the plugs do not seem to accepted wave. Atmosphere works without problem. The rewire Reason too, no worries. The highlight of this app is its handling and ergonomics. It is the opposite of a machine gas as cubase. I know ProTools on the fingertips and yet I chang for this little app as it is enjoyable. Everything is sorry for the use is natural and fluid. Fast Fashion This is a result of the passion of a single designer, Mackie buy the invention in a second time. As a result, is to think from start to finish. An outstanding job. The best editor I think the current sequencer.


Config on my little iBook G3 500 no problem. On my G5 2X1, 8 no problem either. Total stability, it can work in peace.


I use Tracktion for about two years before Mackie's license does rcupre Raw Material Software.
I teach computer music for 6 years. I did a lot of people work on ProTools and other so I saw all kinds of users. Handling blocks is different, some will go to a REPRESENTATIVES gots the graphics protools, but for overall usability of all, the clarity of use, for now Tracktion has my pr Frence. I'm not talking about DP or Logic, which I think are far derrire.
The ratio quality price is excellent because this software is unknown.
Tracktion 2 intgre quicktime (whew!): impec small small small gaps are filled.
I would do without this choice hsitation. I just spent Tracktion 2. It is a wonder.
(And for those who are still not convinced, go and see the posts in the brand Raw material ...)

jba's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Raw Material Tracktion
I use the NFR version of Tracktion.
Installation without problem. The part of the process a little heavy, is to send out forms and receive mails for dvrouiller software, but hey, it took 2 min ...
I had no problem while configuring either my card or my vst folder. Impeccable!
I have not read the manual, by using pop up more than enough for first steps, when you have a little experience of squenceurs. Some plug ins ts have blocked the first time, but they are all rescan the final acceptance.


So, pentium4 2.4 ghz, 760 MB RAM, 60 GB hard drive, sound card m-audio delta44.
The software works really well trs trs. No crash, no cpu consumption (unless I put a lot of effects everywhere, which is normal), no cracks or drops.


I use it for 4 months, and I tried some other programs before settling on Tracktion: Cubase, Logic, Acid, Fruity Loops.
I love the simplicity and rapidity of work provided by Tracktion, I do not get lost in diffrent 50 windows, and for me there is no table is really a mix, I like filters that allow the rack connections DLIR effects, I like the Freeze function works Fawn formidable, all shortcuts extrememnt penss well, the renders that you can do in one click, and flexibility and speed of the software. Trs visual appearance, making connections and sequences of VST effects and trs simple. I also like the visual aspect, which completely hides the Windows ... it's pretty nice software.
I do not like .. Editor's noon, time stretch. But I combine Tracktion other programs that make a trs well, so has not impede me too.
I think Tracktion is an excellent program for instrumentalist musician ... other squenceurs em blocked by their musical complexity with Tracktion recording arrive naturally.
I jueg report quality great prices, thanks its free. Any fawn, this offer is grave, I intended to buy and its price (80 euros) in one case was exceptional dj.

BBurn's's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Raw Material Tracktion
After 15 days of dmo, I bought a 80 cl can continue to use this nice app. Problem-free installation, a running, a little bit of reflection to install even when small sound banks arranged about the link of the official website.
All this parat too good ...


My config: ibook G4 1GHz, 256MB RAM (for now), M-Audio Audiophile USB interface
and PC: duron 700, 512MB ram, SBLive of the era

And that is that if a gate! Indeed, on the PC, no major problem (without having too test on the pc). On the mac, mainly used on the other hand, noon laying srieux worries. All notes are registered with movement of pots of my Electribes, but reading is catastrophic: notes are forgotten by the way, are blocks ....
And if I bbranche M-Audio one point you have to restarting the computer to retrieve e / s noon in Tracktion
Audio and Rewire work, them very well.
However crashes when audio files are retouchs hot with Audacity, or when dplace files in a directory diffrent from that of creation.


That makes two short months I discovered this app. I was looking for an honest alternative to create at home, well, it's rat yet. Unable to squencer my rhythm boxes, synths ...
Meanwhile an update, I work in audio!

mgoussu's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Raw Material Tracktion
Installation is no problem, and it should be noted the small file size: 5 MB with examples! . One wonders why it takes an entire CD to the other apps?
Gnrale configuration is ok, and even very easy.
I just change the peripherals mlangeur in custom settings in Windows to be able to hear at MIDI on my sound card does not have wavetable (Edirol UA 20)

The installation of vst and vst i is just stating the directory scan and the scan can be re "hot" if you are adding a vst in session

The management of inputs and outputs is very simple.

Everything else is ok


I have a Centrino 1.3 GHz, 512 RAM, 40GB HDD, sound card usb edirol UA20, a master keyboard Edirol PCR 30.
For the sound card no pb. In fact it was a fright: my attempts with Premire traktion with Intgr chipset on my laptop (realtek) have t dismal, until I install my card and WAS the hair.

The CPU never exploded, despite a large Nombe vst i and effects (and one or two audio tracks only change the advice I qd I used a lot of audio tracks).

Limiting traktion lies in the south, not as powerful as the audio. I sometimes delay problem when I play with my master keyboard directly noon. I do not know if it's Traktion or the fact that for MIDI I go through the pcr30 (master keyboard) which passes through the wave table for my bad sound card (realtek with its wave table) that redirects the audio into GNR my good sound card (UA20).
I am looking for the solution on the forums. By the way our Piaz a cr a forum in french, go live and a forum www.kvr-vst.com offers plenty of solutions that knows to look.

In passing the rewire works fine with other apps so it's also possible to get her little twelve o'clock in the corner and then rewire in Traktion.

Bets are frquentes days, the only programmer of this app is pretty cool ractif and trs

Level stability I had a crash within 15 days of use, I do not know why, not even whether because of traktion. It runs without problem, without too much latency, with great sound quality, really!

strongly Repair Tool version 2 and some bugs noon.

But there is work at noon, the sync, including the automation level of the assignment of buttons to my PCR30 paramtres effects. T here is no detection of the button that turns on the master keyboard or MIDI control surface as is the case in FL. Too bad. But everything suggests that Jules (the dveloppeur) will bump to version 2.

So a 8 because of noon, otherwise it would be 10.


Traktion I use for 3 weeks, maybe a month.

I tried before Cubase SX, Cakewalk (from Pro Audio 8 and up sonar 2), FL, and rebirth. J'tais quite happy cakewalk for audio, and I used FL and rebirth for me to make beats in no time. I rcemment DCID password cubase SX has a cause of VST and certain functions that I did not sonaar. My evolution to past noon pushed me also to cubase. I used version DMOS saying, ds I'm sure it is I pay the license. Then I tried Traktion. I bought it within 15 days.

Which like the most: In Cubase, or Sonar you feel that 80% of the features we never use force to have a twisted interface which slows the use and ownership of 20% of functions that 'is used every day.
Traktion in 80% of functions are completely intuitive and used every day. 20% a little more sophisticated sentences are harsher (filter rack for example) and do not overload the interface.
So the report Qualit price is staggering: $ 80 for this gem! Even if some effects are a little native 'just' there are so many free vst that is really, really comfortable.

Although there are still bugs sr especially at MIDI (grrrr this delay with my master keyboard, a ca m'nrve m'nerve if anyone knows why, swing a mail!). APRS modified two months of use. this does not come from my Traktion but its chipset that I rcuprais the wavetable noon. With an external sound module it works without latency. So it is waiting for sync and midi lesboucles!

But I think we are witnessing the birth of a REFERENCE and it's also enjoyable for me to say that we have a version of an app that will become an rf ence. The user community is English speaking and friendly Ractive, the Francophone community emerge, thanks Piaz who has set up a forum.
The designer is ractif, friendly, the cost.

If there was no small bugs noon (but that might be me that configures or uses the wrong shit) and if it was not likely to get fired from my real job which brings me my food late months because of the time I spend on it I will put 10!

In short, if you want to take you over the head full of technical terms, spending hours with windows in all directions, to pay super expensive something is not working well, do not use your rewire small apps in, if the music is something for you so that srieux work fast and well it's been an amateur, do not buy Traktion.
Otherwise Tlcharger the demo fully functional and have fun!

strobo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Raw Material Tracktion
Simple install, you die. no incompatibility with my VSTi, a roll is stable, super simple set up. Anyway, when we ate adj Cubase / Logic & Co, a simple parat trs. A real nophyte will can be a little harder to grasp the concept.
The doc is complte, in line with a system that bubble which explains each function with a small how-to handy when you have forgotten how.


Config: PIII 1.2GHz, Staudio DSP24Value 24/96, 512Mb, WinXP.

The software works perfectly. I have encountered a bp of complete freezing the computer when the first cost of a large sample trs, bp which was not repeated APRS reboot.

the config is stable and trs trs honntes performance is that a train a few VSTi that ds rise in the amount but it's my PC!


1 week of use.
I love this software and there is a long time since I did not as much fun with software so it parat simple and we will most.
Powerful, intuitive, playful (the routable between noon on a track with a single click thanks to a small Arrows "glue" the track, quite funny!) and trs simple. the guy who did this app (and yes, he is all alone!) is a pany for me because it has all the Russian concept.
qualitprix the report is the best ever seen (with Renoise can be the soft, less accessible). 80 euros for an app that is 10 times more powerful than Cubasis VST 5 99 euros, there is no better.

This is my new app to replace my Logic. I keep Acid functions for time-stretching, unbeatable at the moment.

Njxt's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Raw Material Tracktion
- Installation: 0 default (on XP), in addition, the update is done with ease.
- Incompatibility: qq VST badly programmed merdoient few times but this tends s'amliorer with versions of Tracktion or VST. The most common work beautifully.
- Configuration gnral: ultra simple and clear. Compare Cubase (for ASIO) is childish.
- Manual: HTML + support only the "tips" in the program. Trs but lacks clear examples can be qq.

N'tant distribution (for now, ending for the Mackie box;) ? ) That the Internet is a marvel, even in the modem. Frankly, less than 5 MB for version complte with examples! And 1.6 MB for the soft full MAJ is the rve.

Come on, I did put that 9 to the aid that does not yet cover all topics, but technically amrita 10.


- Performance: Excellent (on an Athlon XP 1800 +, 512MB RAM PC 2100, DD 7200 turns)! BCP uses less than Cubase "charge" equivalent. In addition to the feature freeze tracks to audio tracks (yes ma'am) or South, the resources are endless (well, ok, j'exagre).
- Stabilit: extreme. Never had a plant in a month. Only crash seen with another user: caused by any VST pourrave.

A 10 MRIT.


- Useful: a month
- Special? :
* Power / functions / originality / price!
* Interface original, just in dpart Drout (10 minutes)).
* Extremely fast learning curve
* Efficiency: I 3x more "profitable" than this squenceur ts prcdemment those I tried. There are so many good ides simple to use interface and comprehensive software that I do not know what to emphasize here. Give it a try.
- Quality over price: almost unbeatable. 80 euros for two licenses!

Points ngatifs: missing functions (sometimes 'basic') Submitted on other soft squenceurs but both perptuelle evolution, they are intgres as and ( at least the Espron).

So a 8 / 10 for the moment that probably will turn into 9 or 10 weeks in qq;)

But that said, I bought APRS one hour test. IMMEDIATE oprant charm.

piaz's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Raw Material Tracktion
Dmo Version with audio examples ... 5 MB!
Scary and yet: The software installs without problem, it is almost full, but put a "hiss" to avoid rcurrent records. For DGIG, you pay online (80) and shoo it was a cl. Note that Tracktion uses cl PC on which it is installed, but it seems easier to ask a cl rab if we have 2 PC (no need to pay 2 times)

But strangely no incompatibility with my DMX 6Fire, I am not able latencies as low as Cubase (well, 192 hp. Instead of 128, I will not cry no more).

The manual is certainly clear, but I did not read, so the interface is intuitive (not to mention happily disable tooltips). In two hours, we know everything.


The audio engine is good, without being miraculous, but it offers about the results clean, and that's what counts.
The main intrt this app is its layout, ergonomics look back (no mixing desk, a single window, audio and midi ride on a same track (si!) ... ) And does it work? Ben. Yes!
Anyway, for me. It's beautiful, bright, spacious enough and smart at the CONTRL.
The lack of multi-monitor is feeling a little, but as can be dplacer the VST windows on other notches and lock, the problem is rsolu.

The VST seem to "suck" a little more about Tracktion as Cubase, but After all, we do with what we have, and freeze according trs intelligent help our poor computer has the burden of plug- ins.


This is my once a nice little product that Tracktion. I'll finish the tension all over this weekend, but I like it dj. It is a relief from gas plants which are the other programs, certainly more pro, but much more complicated and not much more complete as a function for, say, "moderate" Advances (groove templates etc. ..).
Finally, compare like with like all of the same, but I think that I'm going lcher for this little app (a license for a 80 squenceur audionumrique is no j a reason to buy it?) ds that some updates will l.

As in the Previous review, it is true that it lacks many things, but the software is update several times a month by its main coder (go and see the dates of the different versions, c ' is bluffing), Jules, who in addition is not without humor. if you go a little on the site http://www.kvr-vst.com, official forum, you meet, Do not hesitate and submit amliorations possible (but there are adj lot for which he is aware).

Here I would put nine well, because it is not just a software geek with an interface to hide his zarb Misra: it's new, clean, DIFFERENT, and good. But in addition it's cheap, so 10. Sonar 3 and less than or at least as well, it will be my next little squenceur. Pig ddit it.