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Thread cannot get midi input signal

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1 cannot get midi input signal
Hi all and thank you for reading this post. I am a newby to Sonar5. I am using a computer which has on board sound which was all working fine. I then aquired my sonar5 software, this all installed ok. Sample files played well. My next step was to connect my Yamaha PSR510 keyboard to the computer and use this as a controller plugged the keyboard end in ok. but when I went to plug the other end into the games midi port on the computer I soon realised that there was no socket on the computer. The reason this was not present is because the Asus Mother board I am using requires that this socket/module be purchase seperately. I got in touch with Asus UK to purchase this component. As luck would have it the factory in the uk was damaged by a serious fire in Hemel Hemstead and I would not be able to get the part I required at this time. My next option was to purchase a sound card with a midi port on it. This I did, and thats when the fun and games start.

After installation of the sound card all seemed well until I tried to use my keyboard as a controller. The first problem I had was that Sonar5 could not see any input device. To solve this issue I disabled the midi/gameport on the sound card and enabled the midi/game port in the bios. After a re-boot The input device is now showing as MPU401. My final problem which I am having difficuly with is that even though the computer can see the input device I still cannot get the my keyboard (controller) to communicate with the computer. The activity light does not illuminate on the input side.......only the output.....any help would be most appreciated.

Not to insult your intelligence, but could you have a bad cable? If the midi port shows up in Sonar, and you have it selected as the primary input, it should be working.
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