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Thread Recording Prob with internal Wave-Sound! Need help

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1 Recording Prob with internal Wave-Sound! Need help
Dear people I need your help (and sorry for my english - I try my best!)

I could not find any answers in other forums, that's why I'm trying this one which seems to have some competent members who probably can help me out with my prob:

I'm trying to use Cubase sx2 together with my semiprofessional SB audigy platinum ex soundcard on a new AMD 4200-X2-system. On my older system (amd 2200Mhz) I did not have any probs.

I had the same probs like other members with the Asio fullduplex driver (latency up to 700ms) so I decided to use the SB Audigy 2 Asio driver which works great i.g. when I'm recording on a audiotrack from an external Midi-Source like my Roland XV-5050-synthesizer (stereo in) over the Line-In Inputs (F4 - VST-connections).

But until now I can not find any possibility to record from a wave-Input (in the VST-Connections-menu there is no 'wave'-Input to find - only Line-In 1 to 3; SPDIF-In... on the other hand I certainly can set 'wave' as an output) , what means, that I can whether record for example a VST-Instrument nor can I record from an internal wave-source like Itunes, nor can I record from another audiotrack.

But if I'm using the " 700ms superlatency" fullduplex driver, I certainly can record internal wave sound (but in this way there's no chance to record from the Roland synthesizer. Do I have to change everytime the ASIO-driver or is there a possibility to route the internal wave-sound on a Line-In-channel?

Thx lots!
....it seems to be a real problem... would you suggest to buy another soundcard? which one?

for example: RME Hammerfall Multiface + PCI ? (this is a little bit too expensive...)
When you had the old driver installed (the 700ms one that worked), did you go into cubase and try to decrease the buffer size?

My bet is that the old driver would've worked ok if you decreased the record and playback buffer sizes, and that the reason the new drivers are faster is because they don't support full duplex operations. Looks like you've got a pretty beefy system, so I'd try the buffer reduction with the full duplex driver.
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First of all - thank you for your answer. You're right: I've already tried to change the buffer size to 512, so I got a quite acceptable latency, anyhow from 72ms to 36ms. This disturbes playing only if I'm using 'the grand', which delayes a litte - that's for faster playing not very comfortable. That's why I'm thinking of saving some money to buy another soundcard. Which one would you recommend?
I'd like to use a micro, Roland xv-5050, ep yamaha p-120, and some vst-instruments.
I'd suggest the MAudio 24/96. I've had very good experience with MAudio stuff.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
thanks. So far I can see is the maudio 2496 a full duplex card and really cheap - even cheaper than my audigy2 platinum ex. So I'm wondering if I really would have a lower latency with it...? Don't you think that I should rather buy something like a Maudio Delta 1010 LT? thx
and another question: Is ist possible to use two soundcards (i.g. sb audigy 2 + maudio delta 1010)? Because for listening to solos I like using the very good time-scale-function of my sb audigy 2
The 24/96 should do just fine. I have the full rack mount Delta 1010, and it works fine. They both use pretty much the same drivers and interfaces, just the 1010 has more I/O.

So far as two cards go, you could try it, and it might very well work, but I'd concentrate on getting one card working well before you mess with it!!
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
Thx. I ordered now a M-Audio 1010LT because I'm thinking of recording a Demo-CD of a Band later on.
I will tell you my experiences when I get the card.