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Thread Please help with Reason 3.0 ReDrum

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1 Please help with Reason 3.0 ReDrum
I have been learning reason and have even bought a book on it, but have a problem where whenever I press play on the sequencer, all of the ReDrum "run" buttons also play. By doing this it makes all of the editing that I do on the ReDrum in the sequencer meaningless. This is not how Reason was meant to work and I was wondering if there was some way that I can stop my program from doing this? Any help at all would be appreciated.
on the actual redrum module there is a button that says "enable pattern selction" make sure it disabled.....(the little light goes away).....have fun!
Thanks a lot, that helps sooo much. I'm also wondering, since I'm trying to learn this on my own, is there a way to modify effects over time much like I can change volume over time with velocity? This seems to be one of the last things I need to learn with this program. Any help is appreciated.
youre welcome.

creat a sequencer track connected to that effect. make sure this track is enabled to record (the little red light shows up next to the track) now press record. on the actual effect in the rack view manualy adjust your parameters with the mouse and/or midi controller. you can also edit automation by first creating the track for the effect as stated before and then right click on the parameter you wish to edit or automate and then select "edit automation". you can now adjust the effect in the sequencer window.
you can do this with almost every knob or parameter in reason (freq, volume, pan, feedback,effect on and off) just remember to create a track specifically for that machine , synth, or effect. now go tweak!!!!!!