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Thread Alesis sr 16 midi help needed

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1 Alesis sr 16 midi help needed
I have just bought an sr 16 to use as a drum sound module driven by pro audio 8 and or home studio.

Drum parts from existing midi files which will play ok on my korg i3 and an old sound canvas wont play properly.

I think the problem is the notes numbers transmitted dont correspond with the settings on the sr16 so when you play say a bass drum the trigger note is wrong for the alesis

The manual does seem to cover it, but I dont really understand it. Its like having a page missing

Alesis tech advice said I would try note mapping settings other than the Normal which can usually fix this.

Im sure this is not that difficult, but I cant get my head round it Can anyone advise to set this up.

Go to the Cakewalk site and see if you can find an instrument definition for the SR-16. That should take care of it.
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