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Thread Mega - N00b Question on FLStudio 5 - Stopping sound

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1 Mega - N00b Question on FLStudio 5 - Stopping sound

I am sort of a newb to FL 5, but with musical knowledge.
My question is this (and I have not been able to find an answer anywhere else, including FL help) :

How do I, in the pattern step editor, stop an instrument from playing? Like the opposite of 'turning on a light to create a sound'. Whenever i create a loop in the pattern editor with one of the samples that last a long time (i.e. a long sample timewise), it continues sounding after the pattern has stopped. In the playlist editor, the sound continues even when the pattern is not supposed to be playing. What I want is a rest. The only solution i have found so far is to use a combination of the "Cut Itself" option and the extremely low notes - i turn on cut itself and put a very low note at the end of the bar that is barely audible - but this dodgy, and often u can hear the sound even on the lowest note. I know FL must include some sort of way to do this, and this is probably a very stupid question, but I have not found a solution anywhere so far.

Please help, this is really bugging me!
Hey, the one way that I can think of you stopping a sound even if it cointinues to sound (maybe because you have delay on it ... im not sure) is to go to the volume button for that instrument and right click, then go to edit events. When your hear you can manually change volume throughout the entire song, and what you can do is set the volume at whatever you want by clicking, and then right click and drag to make a smooth decrease or increase in volume. If you want the sound to stop at say # 34 in the sequencer, all you have to do is have the volume at whatever you want up until 34 and then have it drop off to nothing, this way the volume will just cut out whenever you tell it to. Sorry I couldn't explain this better, but I hope it helps. Good luck