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Thread Need help setting up home studio

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1 Need help setting up home studio
Im sure someone here can help me with this....

Ive got an imac g5, m-audio firewire 410, Microkorg, and logic 7 express. Ive been running this system for about 2 years and it has all worked very nicely, being used for composition and music stuff ive had to do for college. I want to expand by buying a good wieghted midi controller, was looking at fatar SL990pro and CME UF8, anyone have any reccommendations?
I also want to be able to record more than 2 tracks simultaniously, so i can record a band or drums or whatever. I know I need a mixer for this, and a different audio interface, but i dont understand how they will be hooked up. It's probably a stupid question but where are the individual track outputs on a mixer? On all the ones ive looked at ( e.g Mackie 1402 VLZ pro), there only seems to be main stereo outputs, which wouldnt let me have the different instruments on different tracks in logic.

You would need a mixer with inserts on the channel strips and a multiple input soundcard, like the MAudio Delta 1010 (although I'm not sure if thiat one works on a Mac).

I you get a mixer with inserts on the channel strips, you just use the "send" side to get the signal off th channel to the interface. Most are TRS connections, and you put the plug in halfway to just get the "send". This is the less expensive route- more expensive boards have a dedicated direct out on each strip specifically for recording.
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Ok, problem with the imac is that there are no pci card slots, so ill have to get an external firewire or usb, thanks for your help