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Thread just getting started

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1 just getting started
i'm just egtting started at this lark, i'm running cubase sx2, on a p.c running microsoft xp, my specs are 256mb at 1.7ghz, which i kow are shite, the latencey on my ability to record is ridiculous, what do i need to to to resolve it, and where can i find the buffer to reduce it and by how much,

what type of sound card are you using..... the buffer will be in your sound cards control panel... there are pros and cons to seting the buffer low or high.... if you set it high you will have to deal with mixing lag but you will be able to have more tracks open and running...... if you set it low the mixing lag will almost disapear but it is also more CPU intensive (less open tracks and plug-ins).... tell us more about your set up.
cheers for the reply, the sound card is just the one which came along with the computer, i'll have a check, and get back to you on it
unless you have a motherboard better than any i have heard of, you are going to get recording and playback latency when using onboard soundcards.

the solution to getting a lower latency is to buy a new soundcard (one with good ASIO support) or an external firewire/USB recording device.
much thanks