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Thread rewire-reasob-cubase

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1 rewire-reasob-cubase
I'm running anEMU-0404 sound card. 512mb. 1.6ghz. 80g hard
Ive disabled my onboard sound.
I've been successful running Reason3 through Rewire to Cubase SX.

I have two questions...

1. when I hit the start button from Cubase the Reason drum sequncer plays through Cubase as a Rewire channel.
BUT, why is there a hesitation on the first beat of the sequence?? The sound is there but annoyingly delayed, but catches up to the beat in a milisecond.
If I set the sequence to loop it does and there is no hesitation.
Any idea what may cause this?

2. Running the same set up...How does one record the drum sequence from Reason (through Rewire) to a Cubase track? The Rewire channels in Cubase have no record or monitor buttons. I have tried just hitting record button but nothing.
Everything else seems fine. I play VST instruments through Cubase midi channel and record fine.
I play analog audio and record just fine.
How do I get Reason songs into Cubase SX. I suppose I could export Reason as a midi file and paste it into Cubase, but seems like there would be a more direct process.

thank you all,
1) welcome to the wonderful world of what we call latency. try lowering your buffers in reason first. (in the preferences menu). then lower your sound card. isnt midi just oodles of fun!?!

2) i dont run cubase, but i do rewire reason quite a bit. any tracks (intruments) in reason have to be recorded in reason. you also have to save your reason session separately. something you will remember.

rewire can be confusing every once in a while. just remember, its not a VSTi. your actually slaving one program to another.
i use cubase with reason from rewire. What i do is set up all my instruments in reason with all the patches loaded in, then within cubase, create the rewire track and then create a new MIDI track. Set the input of this midi track to the instruments you have created in reason. This will allow you to record any MIDI within cubase itself.

hope this helps