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1 Home Studio
I'm trying to start a home studio for all the local bands in my area. I'm not exactly sure what i need to get to start it or where to look to start to find out. With any luck I will be running this on a 512 mb dell laptop with a 30 gig hard drive. I want to record multiple instruments at once preferably through a direct line to the computer or record the bands 1 instrument at a time with the knowledge of knowing how to sync them. A guy at work said i could record them all at once using a multichannel soundboard and then could use the acid and soundforge to edit the songs. It appears soundboards are for stereos though so that confuses me. Can you guys tell me A.) what equipment I need to do and B.) the quickest way to do what i want to do?
My friend who is helping invest in this owns a pawn shop and can get me discount equipment.
ok...this can be done a number of ways. Personally i would look at getting yourself a decent size mixing desk with Direct I/O on every channel. This can then be wired into something such as a Delta 1010LT or 1010 Rack. having said this, something with 10 in 10 out will usually require a PCI slot within a desktop computer...so this might not be best for a laptop.

If you are planning on using your laptop (i would think long and hard about it) then maybe a firewire device could be good. Again check out what M-AUDIO have to offer, they generally have good quality hardware at a good price. This will then allow you to record a good sound (always remember that you cant polish a turd, so if it sounds crap...it always will!) if you do decide to go with an M-AUDIO device, you also have the option to use the industrys standard software...Pro Tools 7 M Power. This is an excellent piece of software for editing and mixing.

As far as a mixing desk goes, you can generally pick up a 24 input mixing desk from eBay for only a few 100 of your finest monies! i have bought a new Behringer MX9000 for only around £600. This gives me the direct Outputs i need, this is then plugged into my Delta 1010 which records 10 separate signals at once.

hope this helps a little....