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Thread Cubase and E-mu 1820m problem.

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1 Cubase and E-mu 1820m problem.

I've just gotten around to set up my little home studio after ignoring it for a while, due to being overworked. First thing I did was to upgrade all my drivers and go about setting up a default cubase song and patchmix session to match it. MIDI now works flawlessly.

I set up all my MIDI modules to, via an analog mixer, go to Dock 1L/1R. I then set up a send from patchmix to send to ASIO IN 5/6 - HOST. I enabled the input in Cubase VST, set up a stereo channel, enabled IN 3L/R (which matches to the Dock 1L/1R input) and started recording. To my surprise, the track is turned to a mono track as soon as I stop recordning, and the resulting data is in mono (I can't see the waveform though, all is white). As soon as I remove what was recorded, stereo is enabled on the track again. Does anyone know what I'm missing? :)

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