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Thread Need help with Digital S\PDIF recording.

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1 Need help with Digital S\PDIF recording.
I am not a newbie to home recording but I am new to doing this digital. I have an Edirol UA 25 it has a S\PDIF In and out. I have my Fantom keyboard fiber optic out going into the Edirol. It sounds fantastic. I can record one track at a time like I normally do but in order for me to hear what I recorded on play back I have to turn the digital in off and let it play through my monitors. I have messed with every setting on the Edirol read the manual 3 times and it doesn't seem like I should have to disengage the digital in to hear everything. I am using Sonar 5 Producer if there is a setting in there I need to change let me know but that seems to be working fine. any help you offer would be appreciated.
i am not fimiliar with any of these products. maybe when you are switching to your s/pdif ins it is setting the s/pdif out as default playback out. maybe.... its the only thing i can think of.
switch the track outs to your normal outs on the actualy track in sonar. quite baffling.
hope this helps.