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Thread Electric guitar sounds like an echo after i record it....

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Topic Electric guitar sounds like an echo after i record it....
I can't seem to record very well from my room. I have wood floors, which someone said might be the problem. Im recording through my marshall half stack and when i play it back, it sounds distant.

I've tried to record with it cranked pretty loud and i still get the same problem: It sounds too distant!

Im recording using audacity on my dell dimension E510 on XP.

I also dont have a microphone stand, i just let the microphone hang from one of my extra guitar stands. the mic usually dangles about 2-3 inches from the center of my halfstack.

if you couldnt already tell, i dont know too much about recording! lol

Thanks a bunch!

Oh, and im also getting a wicked hiss for some reason when im recording, idk why, but if anyone has some solutions that would rock!
Thanks again!
So- what's between the dangling microphone and the software? A mixer? A soundcard? What kind and how do you have it hooked up exactly?
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I have the microphone plugged into the rear microphone port on my desktop. i believe i have a sigmatel high definition soundcard.
You're probably already getting about as good a recording as you're going to get with a setup like that. A PC soundcard is designed mostly for gaming and what not, not for recording. You didn't say what kind of mic, but if you have it running directly into the soundcard, it's probably either a computer mic or a regular mic hooked up with a cheap adapter.

You need a decent basic mic (liike a Sure SM58), a small mixer (like one of those small Behringers), and a decent soundcard (MAudio Audiophile 24/96). Say $400 US total.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
sounds like an omni mic as well.....