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Thread M-audio Solo = mono? ...How do I go stereo? help!

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1 M-audio Solo = mono? ...How do I go stereo? help!
I was recently recording using a studio projects c-1 microphone via xlr into an m-audio audio buddy preamp via 1/4" stereo jack into the line-in on a soundblaster audigy 2 soundcard. Knowing the soundcard is not made for recording, I wanted to upgrade to a firewire interface. After reading and asking around, I settled on the m-audio solo. I install all the drivers and hook everything up, go to record... and now all I have is the left channel. Before I was recording in both channels, but now it's one. Doesn't matter what program I try. I've been told I'm "trying to record a mono source to a stereo track"... but no one tells me how to fix that problem! Is it just not possible with this hardware? I find it hard to believe that I need to have two microphones when I didn't have a problem before. Was I recording mono before just split between left and right (if such a thing exists...). If anyone can help that would be EXTREMELY appreciated! I record almost all acoustic instruments, so I rely heavily on the microphone. I really don't want to record all my songs in the left channel only... :(
in whatever recording software you are using you should be able to select what inputs you want to record with per track.... it would help a little if i knew what program you are using.

i am guessing you are using the 1st input on your recording interface? if so you need to set up the track you are recording on to as mono record only.
i dont know how many inputs you have but most likely they are laid out like this input 1 and 2 are a stereo pair, 1 being left channel and 2 being right channel.. every proceeding group of inputs are the same

that being said you should understand why you are getting a signal only on the left channel.....

you dont have to use 2 mics. just set up the track to be recorded on as mono. again if i knew what prgram you are recording into i could help more.

i saw your post on recording.org and i am surprized they didnt explain this to you.