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Thread Recordings out of sync in Cubase SX

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1 Recordings out of sync in Cubase SX
My Cubase does something weird. First it works smoothly and records in time with the clicktrack, but then suddenly a newly recorded recording goes out of sync with about 2ms. I see that other has had the same problem, but I must say that I did not understand what to do to fix it out of some of the answers. Need a step-by-step explanation, I think:) I'm using a Terratec DMX 6Fire as both interface and soundcard. Recording in Cubase on a disk with now 5gb free space.
I have similar problems because I am running out of CPU reserves. When you are recording hit the bypass all effects and send buttons to reduce CPU and hit the Rest button in the VST Multitrack window every now and then. Everything should stay on time.

It is an easy thing to manually drag the file into time again so it should not be too much of an issue.

I had the same problem until I switched to Ableton. This is normal for a computer to do this, the difference is in the tools available to correct it.
I know how frustrating this is.