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Thread Some questions I had about the Audiophile 192...

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1 Some questions I had about the Audiophile 192...
I recently purchased an Audiophile 192, and while it looks like a great card from what I've witnessed so far, I have some questions that I thought which needed answering.

1. Is it possible to plug in a pair of usual computer speakers into the monitor output while being able to have access to both channels at once? The current speakers I have (some cheap Logitech multimedia speakers) only have one output cable, and plugging it on either monitor output plug will obviously only play the left or right channel on my speakers. Is there any way I could manage to setup the cables so that I can plug the speakers into both plugs at once so that I can get stereo working fine, or should I find some better speakers that I can plug separately into the monitor output?

Alternatively, I have my stereo system with auxiliary on it. Should I just setup it so that I can plug it into the S/PDIF output and use my stereo system for the playback of my soundcard?

2. Does this card work fine within other computer aspects, such as playing games? I sometimes play games, and while they're usually not the main reason why I touch a computer, I was wondering if I could also use my Audiophile to satisfy this purpose. I'm obviously not looking for beef performance there, I just need to know if it'll be able to work out correctly without much trouble.

I was thinking about building a totally seperate computer for audio purposes, but I don't have the resources to do so yet. I'm wondering if I am capable of fully relying on the Audiophile if I use my computer for multiple purposes, or should I keep my current Soundblaster card as an temporary aid for the while being?

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. :)

The Audiophile will work with regular computer speakers. You just need to get an Y adapter that goes from dual RCA jacks to a stereo female miniplug.

In general, the Audiophile will not work for gaming. I'd keep the Soudblaster for that, although youmay have resource issues running the two side by side. The only way to know for sure is to try.

A dedicated PC for aduio is the way to go if you can swing it.

The SPDIF will not work with your stereo unles your stereo specifically has SPDIF I/O. SPDIF is a digital format, not an analog one.

Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the quick reply Axeman. I'm going to try that out as soon as I get the necessary cables. :)