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Thread Need Help! About Moby´s - In My Heart! 250$ reward!!

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1 Need Help! About Moby´s - In My Heart! 250$ reward!!
Hi there,

we are currently working on our final project at university. For this
project we are desperatly looking for pieces of music that are similar to
Mobys "In my Heart" (you can listen to it at Amazon
It is important that these pieces of music feature similar elements such
as the piano pattern, note progression, harmonic progression and pendular
harmonic respectively, instrumentation and arragement etc. that will
create a "feeling" similar to mobys piece. Since we do not have the time
to search for such pieces ourselves right now we are seeking people who
are willing to do some paid work for us (we will pay up to 250 Dollar
depending on how many similar pieces you find). If you are interessted
please email me at musicsearch@gmx.de.

Best regards,