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Thread I know naughtin. I vant answers. pleeeeeeeeeeeze

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1 I know naughtin. I vant answers. pleeeeeeeeeeeze
I´m not really sure where this question should be asked but the word "newbies" gave me some comfort.
I want to buy a used digital recording studio on ebay, but I don´t know much...well, about anything. I looked at a couple things and kind of decided for the Boss BR-532. The price doesn´t seem too bad to me but maybe that´s because it´s from 2001. If somebody could please tell me if it´s extremely outdated and if so…any suggestions?
I basically just do singer songwriter stuff. I want to be able to play a little with the drum track, not having the same beat throught(which is possible on the boss, it seems), and get voices and a couple guitars, accordion maybe,.. vell vell,
thank you *tip of the hat*