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Thread USB to Laptop Routing question

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1 USB to Laptop Routing question
Hello Folks;

I wish to start using my laptop for recording and practice, and to that end I am going to purchase a USB audio interface. Problem is the output jack for my laptops' soundcard (1/8 inch stereo) is broken.

Is it possible to use the USB audio interface as instrument input and monitor for the affected signal simultaneously?

I'm not sure that I am being clear, perhaps a diagram would help:

instrument ==> USB audio interface ==> Laptop [Mangle/Loop sound] ==> Back out to USB Audio interface ==> Headphones recieve sound from laptop that has been Mangled / Looped

Thank you very much folks!

The basic idea is reasonable. Get an interface with a monitor output. Check out MAudio or Edirol.
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Thanks Axeman! I'll go check em' out.