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Thread Speaker monitors

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1 Speaker monitors
This may seem like stupid question, but in recording, if you already have headphones, what is the point of speaker monitors??

In order to answer THAT question, you'd have to tell us what you have, how it's normally hooked up, and what program you're using to record. :cool:
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Ok, sounds good. But after recording, how do you setup to mix down at all? You plug the monitors into the mixer right? Than what?
But that doesn't go to say that you shouldn't listen on headphones.

To get the best mix possible, try listening to it on as many sources as you can. Good monitors, headphones, crappy computer speakers, cd players and a very important one, a vehicle (car, van, etc)
It's very hard to get an accurate mix with just headphones. Because the strereo field is so extreme with headphones, your mixes often do not translate well to other systems. It can also skew your frequency response. Monitors on the other hand, when properly set up, can give you a very accurate image and much more accurate frequency response.

Makes it easier to get a good mix.
The Axeman (##(===> Cuts From My New Blues CD
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