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Thread Using my opcode 64x patch bay

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1 Using my opcode 64x patch bay
Im just nearing completing my home studio and im having some trouble with my opcode 64x midi patch bay. Basically what its doing is allocating say the sampler to channel 1 and what ever else i plug in seems to be reacting to all channels. I don't hink its an omni mode problem as i have both the synths that im trying to connect hooked up to my midi interface working fine. the problem maybe a compatability one as I have used a patch to get the drivers working with windows ME, I have checked the drivers in setup and they all seem to work however once I open fruity loops im told that the driver is in use. once inside fruity loops i can input notes and they will play on say the 303 on any channel then soon as i select channel one i get both the sampler and 303 playing simultaneously.

Sorry its a bit long winded but ive managed to lose the patch bay manual and my technophobes giude to midi some where.

any help will be greatly appreciated.