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Thread Can cracking sounds be related with bad earth/ground connectivity ?

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1 Can cracking sounds be related with bad earth/ground connectivity ?

I have in my home studio a 42U 19" rack filled with equipment, Mixing console, amps & modelling for bass & eguitars, effects for voice, etc ... I paid attention to use quality connectors & cable to connect all the devices. All this rack is conneted onto a single main electricity plug in my garage.
I also play electronic drums (Roland TD20) ; and here comes my point/question : I am facing some strange cracking sounds while I play the drums, especially when I use the charleston device (metal hardware), it simply cracks while I use it. The cracks are not in the drum sounds, but they happen when I use the pedal of the charley - so when some metal pieces are "touching" other metal pieces (I hope you can figure out what I mean) ... The first reaction would be to check the jacks and cables, which I did (I replaced them all 3 times !). I also noticed after several hours on trying to locate the cracking sounds, that EVEN if the drum device is switched OFF, when using the charley, it still cracks !! So forget the issue with the cables ... I then realized that the electric connection used for the edrum was connected on the same main plug as the rack. I then removed the edrum plug and connected it to another electric plug in the garage ...and yes, you won't believe it, but the cracks are nearly gone !! I still have some from time to time, especially when using these metal pieces on the drum like the charley or the 2x bass pedal. So I was wondering if someone has ever experienced these issues and if there is some kind of device I could connect on the main electric plug which would "filter" or reduce the risk of static (if it has anything to do with static electricity) or earth/ground issues.

Thanks alot for your advises ! Fred, from Luxembourg