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Thread Additional mic inputs??

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1 Additional mic inputs??
I just found this really nice digital recording device (https://www.musiciansfriend.com/srs7/g=home/search/detail/base_pid/242060/), the only downside is it only has one mic input. i have a berhinger analog mixer with two mic inputs. my question is, can i plug that into the digital mixer so i have more than one mic inputs? because in the specifications for the machine it says you can have 2 tracks of simultaneous recording, can that be extended with an additional mixer? or will it not work?
It'll work, but only to a point. You can run the l/r outputs off the Behringer into a stereo input on the recorder, and it should record that. Problem is, with only a two track at once record capability, the most you'll be able to record is a two mono tracks or a single stereo pair. If you're trying to record more than 2 mono audio sources, you can, but they'll be mixed as you record and you won't be able to adjust them after the fact.

I'd spend some more time thinking about what exactly you're wanting to accomplish, and how you want to work, and then ask some more questions here.
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