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Thread Cubase freezes Amd64 3000

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1 Cubase freezes Amd64 3000
Good day all,

First time posting.16 Years Bass player.Style:Sys.of a Down,linkin park,etc...Anyways,me and my guy's been recording our Compo's with Cakewalk,we got tired and purchased another progam,Qbass(350$)....Problem:It freezes on my home machine as soon as I try to open a project.I do not have a sound card(maybe thats y?),onBoard.I use an Abit AMD64 3000 machine.I am 40 years Old and I know "skat" about computers except the fact that I know its a AMD64 3000 Abit motherboard.I bought it 1 week ago.

Any clue about my issue please?...It came with a blue USB device.Maybe its because we bought the CD's or the device used?

Many thanks in advance,

Why would you buy a program like that for that money and not invest in a soundcard? Cubase needs a full ASIO soundcard to function good. Have a look around they vary in price but definately worth the investment.
I have SX 3 running an Amd 64 3400+ and it runs ok .Get a soundcard and all will be solved mate.