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Thread Noise/Hissing in recordings

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1 Noise/Hissing in recordings
I am recording through my computer with the stock soundcard (which is probably the problem) and always encounter a small hiss/noise in the backround of all my vocal recordings. Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction on what to purchase as far as maybe mixer/soundcards are concerned that would eliminate the noise?
You should check your gain stages. Make sure that Your soundcard recording level is up, then go back to your preamp. A lot of times when there are several things to turn up...if one is left down, it'll add noise.
Ok well BTW I have a stock soundcard that came with my computer :|
I imagine that could be part of the problem also but I can maybe install an M-Audio USB external card...lets say I did....Now you are saying to turn the recording levels up the in volume properties on the PC and lower my pre-amp so that it balances out to a nice level in whatever I am using to record correct?:rolleyes: