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Thread Help! Basic as it Gets

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1 Help! Basic as it Gets
I have two Windows XP computers, and I can't get either of them to record. I plugged a simple computer mike into the Mic In jack, used the Windows "Sound Recorder" function (Start-->Programs-->Accessories-->Entertainment-->Sound Recorder), and clicked the red Record button. I spoke into the mike but nothing was there for playback.

I tried this with two different mikes and in both computers. What am I doing wrong?


---Dan, dan@danhughes.net
You probably have to go to your sound setup and look at what device is currently set for sound recording. Settibgs-control panel - Sounds and Audio Devices - Audio.
Yeh, Bagpipes is right. Go to your little speaker icon in your tray and double click it. then click th "Options" tab in the upper left corner of the window. Then select "Properties " then select the "Recording" button then click "OK"
This will bring up your recording panel. Make sure the Microphone fader is selected and set to at lease half way BUT! before you leave click the advanced button and make sure the "mic1 Boost" is checked.