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Thread need help connecting guitar amp to pc

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1 need help connecting guitar amp to pc
hey guys how u doin.
I have recently connected my marshall guitar amp to my pc "line-in" using a home made connection. (two headphone leads joined togither, double ended).
so with the home made lead a jack is put on one end to fit into the amp "line out" and the other is just plugged into the "line-in" on the pc.
this worked and I could record stuff but the quality wasnt too good because the wire I used was really thin.
So then I bought a jack that turns big end into a small one and used one of my guitar leads as they are quite thick. So big end into the "line out" from the amp, then the jack that turns the big end into a small end plugged into the pc "line-in" but nothing happens at all.

heres my questions
1. when using the thin wire it recorded but only mono not stereo, why?
2. why wont the new setup work as its basically the same, just thicker wires?

im using the integrated soundcard thats on my motherboard, its by no means the best but it did the job with the home made wire.
i think its a soundmax with "line in" "mic" and "line out"

The most likely reason is because the line in on your soundcard is a stereo (2 channel) jack. The line out on your Marshall isn't. A stereo connection uses a tip-ring-sleeve (TRS) connection. The tip is one chanel, the ring is the other, and the shaft (sleeve) is ground.

Remember that "stereo" just means two channels (a left and a right). You should be able to send the signal from your amp line out to your sound card as a mono signal on the left OR right channel. Make sure you select the appropriate channel as a mono source in whatever program you're recording in. You can then use the pan option in your software to place the signals anywhere you want it within the stereo field.

What you've got right now probably doesnt work because either: a- you've got a bad cable or adapter; b- you don't have the right signal source selected in your recording software; c- you've got the TRS connections messed up and the signal is getting shorted to ground. My recommendation is to get a small cheap Behringer mixer and use that as a signal routing junction for your audio.

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