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Thread Drum loops with Sony ACID

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1 Drum loops with Sony ACID

This is my first post in this forum.

I was wondering if anyone here has done any recording using drum loops(samplers) using ACID? If so, can anyone provide some idea on how to make the drums sound real (played by not so perfect human). You know, not like a drum machines going in loops...but each beat has slight diff in velocity.

And, if the folks here has any experience with creating drum loops via drum samplers would be much appreciated.

Thank you.
- Jess
Hey Jess,
:) I'm new here too. I've never tried this, but Buzz has lots of parameters for each note. Maybe you would have some success using it. Fruity Loops the same, but to lesser degree (easier to use though). Come to think of it, I'm sure something I've used has a humanize feature. It could be FL.
Good luck,
Or, if you wanted to stick just with ACID, you could zoom into the loop and cut it up and move certain ocassional beats veerrrrry slightly off tempo.