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Thread Monitor Size???????

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1 Monitor Size???????
Does size matter with room size for monitors? I am wanting to buy my first pair of studio monitors. I am looking at the M-audio 4s or 8s, and the KRK 5s or 8s. What size am I looking for a small bedroom that I record in. I do not want to overwhelm my space, but do not what to lose the bass response. Please advise
These you mention are nearfield monitors so you won't be more than a couple of feet away from them (60cm) maybe a little more.
At that distance the bass will be fine, whatever.
Bass rolls off with distance, with nearfields that doesn't happen.
I have Ego-sys near 05's which also have a 5 inch woofer, they are astonishing.
Of those you mention if it was me I'd go for KRK.