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Thread Cool Edit Pro Question

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1 Cool Edit Pro Question
Hello from NYC.
i recently started using cool edit pro. can anyone tell me how to edit multiple wav files with the same settings (combined EQ and amplitude adjustment) as a batch? setting up the desired settings as a custom setting is no problem, but if i've got 20 wav files from the same session, it seems ridiculous to have to convert each one separately. there must be a way, but i haven't found it.
please email to lwraderNOSPAM at rcn.com or post here.
best, tubro
There absolutely is, and I'll go look it up and get back to you. Unless someone gets here first and covers it! But take heart, you can. I'll be back in a bit.

So tubro, you have recorded a Script and need to know how to run it?

Options> Scripts and Batch Processing opens a window. You name the Script in the Title field, hit the record button, and record your moves/processes, then return to the Scripts... window and hit the Stop Current Script button.

To execute the Script, select it from the list in the Scripts and Batch Processing window, and hit Run Script. Now, instead of me typing it all here, you should check out the Help File, and that might be the ticket. Tried that?

Give 'er a run-at, and come back and post what happened.