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Thread Question about rendering from a host to audio

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1 Question about rendering from a host to audio
I use some really CPU-intense VSTi synths and unfonrtunately I only have 512 megs RAM in my computer. One of the big VSTs I am using is a piano library which takes as much as 200 megs all by itself. What I was thinking of doing is recording the piano track, and then converting that to an audio file, and then add the rest of the other instruments. Two questions:

1. Is this a good way to save my precious RAM?

2. When I have completed the song and am ready to convert to audio and burn a CD, will the piano track be degraded because it was, in essence, rendered to audio TWICE?
So this post has been on here a whole day, and not person has even VIEWED it? I could understand not one person replying, but this post didn't even get a single view. Hello? Anyone here?

{...cricket noises...}
With Nuendo 2 and Cubase SX2(most probably) comes a function called Instrument Freeze. It basically converts the VST instrument into an audio file. So you can turn off the VST instrument and save cpu power. Then you do your mixing and when done you activate the VST again and do your audio mixdown etc. (using the VST, not the audio file, now :p). Does the trick :p.

But of course you can do the freeze manually aswell (just as you described). And then again: do your mixing and and then delete the audio file and do audio mixdown with VST.