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Thread What am I missing?

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1 What am I missing?
I am getting some unwanted noise when I record into my pc. My setup is as follows:

Win XP
AMD 900
Soundblaster Live
Shure SM58
Behringer Direct Box
Cakewalk Home Studio

I was getting a lot of hissing when I would record anything ie acoustic, electric or vocals. I recently got the Behringer and it helped tons. But I can still notice it when I use the mic for the acoustic or vocals. Should I use a preamp for the mic? As it is now I am going into the DI box and then into the pc. Could I use my PA as a way of preamping the mic?


You definitely need a mic pre of some kind. A channel strip on your board will do for starters. Oought to at least help get rid of the hiss, anyway!!
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