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Thread Sonar prob

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1 Sonar prob
Hi, I am new to this and still trying to set up.

I have an MAudio Audiophile 2496, which I am plugging a keyboard in via midi and running Sonar 3. I have recently added a pinnacle AV/DV2 video capture card and every time I try and run Sonar I just get the error "SONAR.EXE has encountered a problem and needs to close" If I remove the Pinnacle AV/DV2 card from the computer then Sonar runs OK.

Anyone any ideas?
I get a similar message in Nuendo when I try to open too many VST effects or synths at once. The reason for this is a shortage of available processing power.
Sonar is no small program, and video capture by itself is a big tax on a processor (I have a WinTV external USB device myself.)
What sort of setup do you run?
Hi Samo, sorry for delay!
I am running windows XP, AMD 1800+ 1.53Ghz with 768MB RAM.
I don't have any other software running when trying to run Sonar, just the card physically being in the computer causes the problem.

Thanks for any help
That AV card probably either has a really huge driver or uses resources that Sonar is looking for. If you don't need to use the card WITH Sonar, than I would try to create a hardware configuration in Windows that doesn't include the card.

Also, make sure you have the latest and greatest drivers for the card.
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