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Thread Audio Interface OR Mixer

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1 Audio Interface OR Mixer
i was originally looking at buying a soundcraft e8 and hooking it up to a maudio delta 1010 for a full individual 8 channel recording studio. i am now wondering if getting a audio interface would be possible i have looked at meny 4 channel ones but onyl 2 channels have preamps i am looking at teh range of under 1000 dollars and am wondering waht audio interface u would suggest with good preamps more channels would be nice too. one last question is, is it possible to hook up two of the same audio interfaces and record using bothe at the same time??
Hello Walrus,
there a re a few interfaces with onboard preamps for under $1000.
Aardvark has a 4 input interface (DirectPro 24/96) and a 8 input interface (Q10) under $800
You can check them out here:

Hoontech (ST audio) also makes a 8 input interface caleld the DSP3000

There are others but these interfaces are the most affordable.
wuld i be ebtter off going iwth the soundcraft mixer and the delta 1010 or with the aardvark??? and how do the aardvark preamps comapre with the soundcraft E8??
Well in my opinion all of the preamps available on soundcards and affordable consoles ar about the same quality. If you really want to have something superior in quality you'll have to spend a lot more (about $1000 per channel.) Now to go with a mixer or an interface with mic preamps is a question of choice.

I personnaly hava a mixer as a front end to my soundcard. In a recording situation a mixer is very useful to mix the different signals, have separate headphone mixes for each musician... Plus, I use this mixer on live gigs.

To sum it up if you plan on recording a full band and need to route and monitor different signals, a mixer is a good thing to have.
Yeah, I'll go with the mixer because it can go live and that's what I do. Actually, I wonder what are the benefits in going multi-channels on the soundcard....

you could recordeach channel to its own track in a DAW, as opposed to only recording a stereo mix from your mixer
I realize that, Revrb, but the reality is that for us home studio hobbyist, the whole band will probably be in the same room and without good seperation, mics will pick up so much 'other stuff' than its own intended equipment.

yes i know i was just responding to your question: "I wonder what are the benefits in going multi-channels on the soundcard"