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Thread Soundcard for 4 track simultaneous recording in Nuendo?

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1 Soundcard for 4 track simultaneous recording in Nuendo?
Hello everyone. I love the forum, very nice indeed =)

If I was to buy a mixer (powered or unpowered?), and a soundcard for my PC so that I can use my nuendo 2 to record say at least 4 tracks simultaneously, what would I go for?

I would really like to know how these ADAT or s/pdif interfaces work, im not green when it comes to these things but, I can't get my head around something:
if a mixer can output digitally a multitrack signal in an optical cable to go into a soundcard, would it still be nicely separated or is it just the mastermix that comes out of the mixer?

you see where i'm going...

thank you
the ADAT format can carry up to 8 different channels in a single optical cable. To put it simply your eight different signal will still be separated. If you buy a mixer with an ADAT out, an ADAT card would be a good choixe. You could buy a mixer without the ADAT capability and buy a soundcard like the Delta 44. It's a very good choice if you only plan to record 4 tracks at time:
Thank you mate

I liked the Delta 44, its a niceprice solution. delta 44 plus a behringer mixer costs me max 350USD which is quite allright =)

Now how much would it cost to step up to the ADAT standard?
and are there any downsides to the optical transfer, comparing to the breakout box solution?

thanks again