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Thread Advice on new sound card and drum recording

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1 Advice on new sound card and drum recording
Hi I'm looking for an upgrade to my sblive value (gag). Can spend about 250 bucks, give or take.

I've been recording guitar tracks through my Berringer V-amp processor using CEpro 2.0 and it actually sounds pretty good. I have a drummer friend whom I play with and we'd like to get his licks recorded to into my computer.

Ideally I'd like some tips on how to best achieve a good sound with the drums just using a sound card, we don't have a mixer or anything so I suppose we'd just have to set up some mics and plug them into a good sound card.

Thanks for any help.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but drums are the toughest to record and require the most investment. Unless you have a good electronic drum kit that'll output midi into your recording software vie your computers midi port, you have to mic up the drums.

You could try getting 2 decent mics and a small mixer and recording a single stereo pair of your buddy's drums, but that's probably not gonna work too well. You could get a kit of drum mics, and a little bigger mixer, and mic the kit individually, and that will sound better, but you'l still only have a 2 track stereo mix in the end, so you won;t be able to go back later and make, say, just the snare louder without re-recording the whole take.

To do it and get decent results, you'd need a multiple input soundcard (like the MAudio Delta 1010 at least), a mixer that will handle all of the drum mics into individual channels AND has direct outs on the channel strips to plug into the multiple input soundcard. That way you can record 4 or 5 tracks at once of the whole kit and have some control over the individual drums so you can create a mix.
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Thanks a bunch man... gonna check out that audio card you suggested and see if maybe we can rent a mixer or something for recording.

take care,