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Thread System setup correction needed

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1 System setup correction needed
Hello. Presently I record the sermons and bible study lessons at my church via a tape deck patched to the mixer. I bring that home and load into my computer and use Cool Edit 2000 to edit for broadcast. Well, I want to leave the minors and try the majors and I have assembled the following:
1 Behringer Eurorack MX1604A (16 Channel Stereo mixer)
1 Realistic Ten Band Stereo EQ
1 Alesis NanoCompressor
1 Alesis NanoVerb
1 pr. Roland MA-8 powered monitors
1 pr. Audix powered monitors
1 P2, 333 Mhz MMX Computer with a 4gb and 40 gb hard drive
Cool Edit 2000 and Cool Edit Pro 2.0
1 Yamaha Sound Card (upgrading to Echo Midi Mia)
Mics, cables and etc.
My current configuration is:
Mains connected to Audix monitors
Control Room to Roland MA-8 monitors
Aux. sent to sound card
Sound card to stereo channel
Alt 3/4 to tape deck (this is monitored through a buss that comes out through the control room)
Tape deck out to tape in on mixer
Cool Edit 2000 and Cool Edit Pro 2.0 installed. I am learning CEP 2.0
:?: I know that was a lot but here are my questions:
(1) How do I add the EQ, the effects processor and the compressor to a mic channel without inserts on the mixer?
(2) Is there a better way to configure what I have to optimize sound quality and etc.?
(3) Any suggestions on how to bypass the analog tape at the church to keep everything digital?

You guys said this was for newbies. I want to thank you in advance for your assistance. :D
Hi Mack-

You setup should be ok as is. What kind of quality are you getting?

Answers to your specific questions:

1. I would not add outboard effects as you record. Instead, I would concentrate in getting a good solid and hot signal to the tape deck, and then I would put that on the computer and do the eq, compression and signal processing from there. If you add effects as you record with the outboard stuff, you are stuck with what you add. Do it in the computer, you have undo, you can save different takes, you can see the waveform for editing, etc.

2. With the board you have, I don't see that there's much you can do that will be a better configuration. Since you're just dealing with the spoken word, I'd just make sure that I concentrated on getting a good hot signal to tape. If the pastor is using a lapel mic (I hate those things) and you're having trouble getting a hot signal to tape, you could try putting the Alesis compressor in line between the mixer and the tape deck. Go easy on the compression, though, because as I said, you can't undo it if you record it that way. I would only do this as a last resort if you can't get a solid level otherwise............

3. The only way to bypass the analog tape would be to bring your computer to church....... or some kind of other digital recording device.
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Thanks for your response. I get pretty good quality from the mics at the church and the tapes. Just wanting some tips.

As for the church recording, I considered purchasing a Tascam CDR4U and patching that into the mixer. Does anyone have any experience with that machine or a similiar one?