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Am thinking perhaps this post is a little different as i'm not talking about a home set up but work for a charity and am looking to get a relatively basic recording set up with a portastudio that can burn there and then.
Could anybody give me any advice on the best set up to get? We have a lap top but surely it would be simpler just to use a desk? What are the best head phones to get on a budget?
question? question? question?
Are you sure you want to invest in a standalone recorder when you have a laptop and could purchase a usb or firewire soundcard? How many tracks do you need to record at once?

How much do you want to spend on the headphones?
thanks for replying, am not sure about the headphones but the industry standard appear to be about £100 a set which is pretty excessive, but then if its pointless getting anything else we'll buy those. So the cheapest headphones that would be any good is it really. Would a laptop be more straight forward? I think I just tend toward the portastudio because its a little more familiar
I personnaly really like Sennheiser headphones. They should have something in your price range. It all depends on the use you'll make of your headphones (recording, listening to music...).

You'll see that recording softwares now are made to be very easy to use. You should not have any problem getting used to recording on a computer. I would even say that most portastudios are more complicated to use. I recommend the laptop option because recording softwares usually provide much more features than stand alone units for about the same cost.