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I purchased Cakewalk Homestudio 2004 xl about six months ago, and a Lexicon Omega interface about three months ago and am fairly new to recording. My band is heavy metal(bass,drums,vocals,guitar). Ihave a few questions about recording.

1) Can the Lexicon Omega be used as a mixer(does it have the capability) When I bought it I assumed as the advertisement said (everything you need in one component.) I do not have a mixing board yet is why I am wondering. I have been recording with it (one instrument on track at a time) with no problems but havent attempted mixing yet.

2) When I record, I go from the sound source(guitar,mics,etc) to the Lexicon to Cakewalk. I adjust the levels for recording. Do I do all the mixing in Cakewalk or does the recording have to go back through an external mixer? Am i Understanding right that you have to get all the tracks combined into 2 tracks in the mix? I have been told after the tracks are completed they have to go back to a mixer and mix all the tracks into 2 tracks( left and right, the stereo field) then I send those two tracks back to Cakewalk out of the mixer to be rerecorded. If this is not true could someone give me a diagram of the recording chain or elaborate on mixing. What is its funtion?

Any help would be great, thanks
yes they are reffering to the mixer in the software...

what you would so is, within cakewalk, you would set all the levels and envelopes so that you have a mix you like, then there should be somekinda of mixdown function or option in the menu at the top, i have used cakewalk once, so this is just a kinda of general stab in the dark :)

you can send the audio files out of your cpu to an external mixer, but youd need a soundcard that can send how ever many outputs you would need, M-audio makes them...but thatd be a waste of money, when you can just do all the mixing within the software

i hope i answered the right question