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Thread micing drums with limited inputs

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1 micing drums with limited inputs
Hey thanks for feedback on other question.

The Lexicon Omega I am using as the interface to my computer has 4 line level inputs and 2 XLR mic inputs. I want to use 2 overhead mics, 1 mic between snare & hi hat, 1 mic for bass, two mics for the toms. How can I use this many mics with the limited inputs. Thanks in advance for help. I know this is probably simple but thanks for the patience with the newbie.

you could get a cheap mixing board("behringer" anyone?), plug 4 mics into the lexicon, then the other mics into the mixer, and run the stereo out of that into the stereo input on the lexicon(i THINK i recall that there is one stereo RCA in)

so now you can use the mixer for saaaaay, overheads, or whichever you choose, you could pan one hard left and one hard right, andthere ya go... 6 mics into 4 inputs...or ever more depending on how man inputs there are on the mixer...the only downside is youll only be able to process the stereo mix from this, unless you only use to mics in the mixer allowing you to process each individually as a left and right, which you could make into their own track after recording
You could also try "pre-mixing" the microphones from the drumset. Plug the mics into a cheap mixer, and run the XLR mains into your Lexicon inputs. That should work...
thank you very much