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Thread Newbie Question/Advice

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1 Newbie Question/Advice
Hey everyone,
I'm somewhat new around here so i was wondering if anyone could give me some advice, basically i want to record songs on my computer, so i can mix them on my computer.

It's mainly going to be rock music, so recording guitars, vocals, drums, bass etc but it would be individual tracks at a time too, im not looking for anything amazing just something that doesnt sound totally poor

At the moment i have a desktop PC running Windows XP, i think it's a 2.4mhz (or around that) with 512mb RAM, 40 gig HDD, USB ports and Soundblaster sound card (think it's 5.1)

I also have a Fostex FD8 Digital Multitrack, this is all good, but i find it irratating that i can only record 8 tracks and i would like to be able to record onto a computer so i can burn it onto CD etc.

I can get a copy of Cubase, which i'm pretty use to seen as i use it at school lots. I also have a Yamaha Keyboard which has MIDI on it and a 8 channel Peavy PA head with a built in amp.

Can you tell me what i'd need to connect it all together to get some good recording results?

Thanks Alot,
P.S I also have a Yamaha DTXpress 2 Electric Drum kit, which has general MIDI on it, thanks
A good starter rig would be to ditch the Sound Blaster and get an MAudio 24/96 Audiophile (it does midi, too). Get Cubase or Cakewalk Home Studio. If your mixer has line outs and you can run it without speakers attached, you can use it as a recording mixer. If not, check out Behringer mixers- you can get one that'll do the job abd sound decent for under $100. Don't forget to set aside some $$ for a set of monitors- your mixes will come easier and sound better if you do.

A rig like this will set you back probably $500-1000 and will allow you to record up to two tracks at once. If you want to record more than that (i.e. a band), you have a whole other set of criteria. You will need a much more elaborate mixer and a multiple input soundcard- more $$.
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